Dansen met de letter T

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Take the Highway350
Tango With The Sheriff10
Tears on a Highway39
Tell the World317
Tennessee waltz surprise112
Texas Waltz (koppel)78
Thank You363
That don’t impress me much184
The Bell of Liverpool235
The best part of the day is the night302
The blarney Roses237
The Boat to Liverpool171
The Day you Die176
The Flute144
The Gambler124
The Hop69
The Memory Cha Cha (koppel)274
The Music Man164
The Rhythm of love400
The Wonder Years291
The World270
Thinking Whiskey406
This is us276
Those Were The Nights358
Three Step Boogie61
Through Your Eyes410
Throwback Love332
Til the Neon’s Gone411
Till Forever301
Tomorrow never knows231
Touch of Mexico384
Triple Mix125
Tropical Dream194
Tulsa Time12
Tush Push70
Twist & Turns236

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