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Laatste lesdag is op 28 Juni 2022
5 juli tot en met 26 juli 2022 is er vrijdansen.
2 augustus tot en met 13 september is het vakantie
De lesdagen beginnen weer op 20 september 2022.


Laatste lesdag 24 juni 2022. 
1 Juli 2022 tot en met 16 september is het vakantie.
We beginnen weer op 23 september 2022. 


Hallo allemaal, hierbij de lijst voor 5 Juli397 Que Paso336 Story244 Big Blue Tree197 Loslappie403 Do It With Style398 Shouting to the monsters 405 I'm on My Way383 Pa Olivadarte156 Mucara Walk162 Snapshot386 Jive Time0 Codigo 353 Except Monday408 Into the Dark Night407 Enjoy the Night58 Never Ever Go Away393 Wrong Direction364 Woman Amen 6 Coastin'409 Adelaida325 Friday at the Dance282 Holding Back the Ocean113 All You Need0 Bad Habbit376 Bonaparte's Retreat 236 Twist & Turns 254 Irish Stew 354 Ice Cold Corona 110 Honky Tonk Twist 217 Go with the flow 399 Cold Heart 216 Clickety Clack 411 Till the Neon's Gone 219 Chill Factor 207 Flying High 0 Sister Kate 183 Patsy Fagan 389 Wintergreen 369 Cha Cha Cola 377 Meet me There 331 Down on your uppers 375 Remember These Words 271 Heart Of An Angel ... Bekijk meerZie minder

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Hoiiiii Allemaal,Hierbij de lijst voor dinsdag 28 Juni175 Picnic Polka 59 Bad moon on the Rise 405 I'm on My Way 127 Long Distence Love 302 The best part of the day is the night 304 Long Time Gone 196 Wishfull Thinking 21 Restless Guy 384 Touch of Mexico 326 Happy People 325 Friday at the Dance 0 Caribian Plans 395 Down South in New Orleans 35 Sweet Little Dangerous 112 Tennessee waltz surprise 248 Do Wop Be Doo Be Doo 161 While i was make love tou you 399 Cold Heart 6 Coastin' 191 Sing Along Rumba 378 Senorita La La La 216 Clickety Clack 22 I saw Linda Yesterday 0 Sofia 1 Baby Ride Easy 69 The Hop 33 Side by Side 235 The Bell of Liverpool 243 Closer 406 Thinking Wiskey 331 Down on your uppers 385 Un Trocito Del Cielo 113 All You Need 359 Joey on the Fiddle 10 Tango With The Sheriff 0 Dig Your Heels 347 Cuba Libre 390 Shaky 107 Rock Around the Clock 345 Alice 334 Pretty Flower Girl 357 Ive Been Waiting For You 408 Into the Dark Night ... Bekijk meerZie minder

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Hoi Allemaal, hierbij de lijst voor vrijdag 24-6, dit tevens de laatste avond van dit seizoen.155 Joana135 MamboSA28 Fly Like a Bird389 Wintergreen243 Closer95 California Blue 207 Flying High377 Meet me There359 Joey on the Fiddle331 Down on your uppers87 My New Life0 You Got Gold 369 Cha Cha Cola410 Through Your Eyes379 When You Smile404 Field of Altherny334 Pretty Flower Girl408 Into the Dark Night 109 Black Coffee140 I Don't Care352 I Close My Eyes178 Pizziricco399 Cold Heart368 Down To The Honkytonk405 I'm on My Way 22 I saw Linda Yesterday 335 Clap Your Hands Stamp Feets 325 Friday at the Dance 66 Reggae Cowboy 262 Af en Af 407 Enjoy the Night 345 Alice 406 Thinking Wiskey 111 Jambalaya 46 Bad Momma Game 356 Blue Crying Eyes 384 Touch of Mexico 385 Un Trocito Del Cielo 360 Bound Ta Git Down 269 Coupe de ville 363 Thank You 69 The Hop 121 Where we've Been ... Bekijk meerZie minder

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Hoiiiii Allemaal, Hierbij de danslijst voor dinsdag 21-6397 Que Paso318 Ain't Broken376 Bonaparte's Retreat219 Chill Factor399 Cold Heart0 Toes 244 Big Blue Tree157 Dizzy405 I'm on My Way132 Yolanda386 Jive Time208 Big Jimmy 207 Flying High222 Body in Motion407 Enjoy the Night326 Happy People156 Mucara Walk0 You Got Gold 183 Patsy Fagan116 Lightning Polka17 Whole Again169 Beethoven's Boogie111 Jambalaya313 Say Geronimo401 Corn 404 Field of Altherny 409 Adelaida 261 Be strong 403 Do It With Style 336 Story 378 Senorita La La La 211 Pot of Gold 113 All You Need 398 Shouting to the monsters 178 Pizziricco 0 Starlight 287 Get down the Fiddle 118 Vertical expression 2 327 Paddy's Choir 408 Into the Dark Night 344 See Ya Cecilia 360 Bound Ta Git Down 188 Islands in the Stream ... Bekijk meerZie minder

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