Dansen met de letter D

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Dance Ranch Romp 117
Darts in the Dark 413
Day to feel alive 436
Derailed 92
Devotion 65
Diane 351
Disappearing Tail Lights 102
Dixie Falls 278
Dixie Road 310
Dizzy 157
Do It With Style 403
Do Wop Be Doo Be Doo 248
Doctor, Doctor 268
Don t Feel Like Dancing 281
Don’t Make Me Laugh 252
Don’t you wish 79
Down on the Corner 186
Down On Your Uppers 331
Down South in New Orleans 395
Down to the Honkytonk 368
Dreamboat 137
Dreams of Martina 273
Drives me Crazy* 439

* Nog geen dansblad beschikbaar

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